Companion Travelers

       • The Berrien Artists Guild

      • The Pastel Society of New Mexico

      • The Portrait Society of America

      • The American Society of Portrait Artists

      • Plein Air Painters of Chicago (PAPC)

      • Plein Air Painters of Chicago –   Southwest (PAPC-SW)
       The group I formed. My current best teachers.

      • Great Lakes Pastel Society

      • Chicago Pastel Society

Lightholders in the Fog

      • Elizabeth Larrick, Artist, deceased were it not for her I would still think
        of my work as private ‘doodling’.


       • Margaret Gardner “we can use arbitrary colors.”

        • Helen Sowa Flynn “be bold!”

      • Clayton J. Beck “CJ” “Stand back between each brush stroke.
        Know exactly where it is going before you put it down.”

      • Enrique Santana –“You don’t learn to paint a “thing”.
        The subject is an excuse to paint a painting – la luz.”


      • Bob Gerbracht – the man who re-arranged my pastels.

      • Foster Caddell – the perennial smiling artist’s eye, always helping you to see.

      • Leslie DeMille – the use of red to breathe life into a face.

      • Gil Dellinger – the possibility of magnificent large landscapes in pastel.

      • The Art Students’ League – did you know you can spend a weekend in
        New York immersed in a rotation of the best of faculties? Anytime?

      • Ted Smuskiewicz – the way to wonderful warm rich oils.

Major Influences

      • Bill Creevy
            –  "Experiment, Explore, Experiment, Explore……"

            –   “The music of a dream –  the way a dream feels and sounds –
                 is what art is about. Art is a printout of the dream.”

            –  "Artists are like kids who play in rock and roll bands, or blues players.
                 They don't yet  know about music or notes or anything. They just love
                the music and go out and buy a guitar; fall in love with the sound;
                and play their asses off till they can play the music that's inside of them.                      They're self-contained, self-generated and self-realized creative units."

     • Santana

           – (You will learn the most if you) “Just Paint!” ”It is okay to be self-taught.”

           –  “Always – the problem is the wrong color.”

           – The daily habits of the artist’s life are the fertile soil from which
               extraordinary paintings can emerge.

           –  “The best painting I have done is the result of looking at, living with
              and solving my many mistakes.”

Guiding Principles

     • Paint what captures you
     • If all else fails, paint

Paradoxes for Travelers

     • It's okay to be a realist –  yet, when we intentionally abandon reality
         we are on the path to our deepest personal vision –  which is reality at a different level.

     • The best way to produce work which people want, is to not have
         to make one’s living painting.

     • When you are ready to throw it away, then you can just play –
         and then – something magical happens.

Lessons Learned

     • Work habits, work habits, work habits…….


     • To have no goals – To trust….and enter the process.

The Next Steps

     • To Paint More Each Day
     • Work habits, Work habits, Work habits……..

      Thank you for reading this. I hope it becomes clear how very lucky
      and grateful I feel for the wonderful journey this life has been
       for this traveler. I could wish no better for you.



All material Copyright, Rita V. Rogan